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Shijiazhuang Cangao High Frequency Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in design and product high-frequency heating equipment,hydraumatic and pneumatic equipment,as well as non-standard equipment for metallurgy and food industries.The products are widely used in furniture...


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              Function:This machine is suitable for fast assembling of all kinds of wooden frame,with or without tenon, such as closet door,cabinet door,furniture frame assembly,drawer,mirror frame,and picture frame,which adopts high frequency power heating,four-angle pressurized mode.

              High frequency wooden frame joining machine

              Application:Adopt high frequency heating,two direction pressure.application board joining,edge banding,"L" type door pocket assembly,splicing of door panel. Widely used in furniture,wooden door,Integrated board,it can join varies of wooden timber,such as solid board,chipboard,and MDF.

              High frequency vertically lifting joining machine for wooden board(crawler type)

              Adopts High frequency drying technology,inside and outside of wood timber is heated at the same time,uniform heating,high speed drying,short drying time and good quality.Which can keep the timber nature color,meanwhile,the timber is aerated under the vacuum environment,non-cracking,especially applied for the thick and hard wood,or secondary drying for wood.

              High frequency vacuum timber dryer

              Application:Bend wood armrest,bend wood shelf,teapot,bamboo tread,and panel furniture headboard,box spring,drawer,arc door.

              High frequency hot press machine for wood bending & forming

              Environmental protection,no chemical addition agent,energy conservation,high efficiency,smooth line,good flexibility,and light weight.The shape is not only double dimensional curve,like L.O.U.S,but also is multi-dimensional space curve,which can supply the craft support for the new product design.

              Solid wood bending equipment