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Four angles nialing joining machine for wooden frame



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Four angles nialing joining machine for wooden frame

It is applied for joining four angles of wooden frame at a time. Each angle can simultaneously be used for single nail, and also for multiple angle nails, can achieve the angle nails stack. Multi-nail position numerical control adjustment.
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Four Angles Nailing Joining Machine For Wooden Frame

It is applied for joining four angles of wooden frame at a time. Each angle can simultaneously be used for single nail, and also for multiple angle nails, can achieve the angle nails stack. Multi-nail position numerical control adjustment. Which changes working state of traditional nailing machine, to join and nail wooden frame complete at the same time, labor saving, high efficiency and high quality, loading nail automatically.


Type CGDD-1200×800 CGDD-2000×800 CGDDS-1200×800 CGDDS-2000×800
Max.joining size (mm) 1200×800 2000×800 1200×800 2000×800
Min.joining size (mm) 180×180 180×180 250×250 250×250
Pressuirizing mode  Precision lead screw
Overall dimension (mm) 2100(L)×1300(W)×1600(H) 2900(L)×1300(W)×1600(H) 2100(L)×1500(W)×1600(H) 2900(L)×1500(W)×1600(H)
Weight (t) 0.7 1.2 0.9 1.3
Nailing form Four-corner single nail Four-corner multiple nailing, nailing position can be adjusted by numerical control

Remark: This series of equipment may have no high frequency heating function. The model will have added an "A" suffix if without high frequency heating function.


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